5 viktiga saker att tänka på innan du köper en manuell rullstol

Manual wheelchairs are operated by the user and require the user to have strength in the upper body. There are many different types of manual wheelchairs available on the market today, such as active wheelchairs, Tilt-in-Space wheelchairs, children’s wheelchairs, standing wheelchairs, wheelchairs for overweight users and special wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs are relatively easy to drive, have unlimited reach, easy to operate and transport, and in addition, they cost significantly less than electric wheelchairs.

The most important thing is to buy a wheelchair that fits your physical abilities, lifestyle and personal preferences. Other important factors to consider is the terrain you will be driving through, if you need to transport the chair in the car, as well as how your workplace and home are designed.

Before buying a wheelchair, it may be a good idea to consult a professional or a physical therapist. You can get suggestions on the type of manual wheelchair you need, as well as what special features can make your everyday life easier – at work or at home.

Here are the 5 most important points to look for when buying a manual wheelchair

  1. Durability / quality
  2. Comfort
  3. Maneuverability
  4. Transport
  5. Price

1) Durability / quality

You live your life to the fullest and you need a wheelchair strong enough to keep up with you. The wheelchair you choose must be made of quality material and be able to carry you anywhere, without causing you any problems. For those of you who are interested in sports, there are special, active wheelchairs that are adapted to different sports.

Durable Wheelchairs – Which material is best to invest in?

The wheelchair frame is usually made of aluminum, steel or carbon fiber.

  • Aluminum
    A wheelchair with an aluminum frame is the most popular choice among the people who want a wheelchair for daily use. It is important to know that there are different types of aluminum quality. If you use your wheelchair every day, this is the right choice for you (both indoors and outdoors) especially if you are also looking for a lightweight model.
  • Steel
    A Wheelchair made of steel is also a popular choice. Steel frame wheelchairs have a tendency to weigh more which means they are more difficult to store and transport. The advantage of these wheelchairs is usually the price, which is normally lower than a wheelchair with, for example, aluminum frame
  • Carbon Fiber
    Carbon fiber frame wheelchairs are not that common and are often not designed for everyday use. In most cases, these chairs are designed for a specific chore, such as basketball or wheelchair competitions. A wheelchair with a carbon fiber frame is expensive but also very durable

2) Comfort

One of the most important features. If you are not comfortable, everything feels wrong. If you need to use your wheelchair daily, it is important that you find a wheelchair with a padded and shaped seat for maximum comfort. Over time, long sitting times on hard seats can cause wounds and even make you sit wrong, with an unhealthy posture. Therefore, it is important that you check the armrests, seats and backrests before purchasing a wheelchair. Most wheelchairs can be customized to your personal preferences when it comes to comfort.

Comfort – What kind of seat cushion should I choose?

The seat cushions available on the market are foam pads, gel pads, a combination of foam and gel, air pads and memory foam pads.

Choosing a good wheelchair cushion can give you more than just a comfortable seat. It can increase seat tolerance, allowing you to sit for longer periods and also help with pressure ulcers as you will have a more even weight.

  • Foam substrate – available in various thicknesses, hardnesses and densities.
  • Gel Cushions – A solid, rubbery, relatively hard cushion.
  • Combination pads – A combination of different materials that are composed.
  • Airbags – A great alternative to posture and comfort. Reduces heat and sweat. The air pressure should be checked periodically.
  • “Memory foam pads” – When pressed, a “temporary” impression comes onto the seat and it lasts for a while, then gradually returns to its original shape.

3) Maneuverability

Some people have special medical conditions that limit them to only being able to operate the wheelchair at short distances daily, while other people want a wheelchair that keeps up with an active life where, for example, they can overcome obstacles and uneven surfaces. Depending on what your life situation looks like, make sure your wheelchair meets the needs you have.

4) Transport

To make it easier to transport the wheelchair by car, bus, plane, etc. it should be a foldable model. Some wheelchairs are stationary and can be difficult to transport, so it is important to know before buying the wheelchair whether you need to transport it. Foldable wheelchairs are usually very easy to fold, and in addition you save a lot of space. In addition to being easy to transport, they also save you space at home.

5) Price

Wheelchairs can cost from 685kr and up to 6850kr. The price is influenced by materials, quality, weight and features. It is important to invest in the right wheelchair. A wheelchair made of quality material can be used for more years than one made of cheap material. By investing in a good wheelchair, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

At Swemed you will find a lot of different types of foldable wheelchairs and accessories. Need help finding the perfect wheelchair? Don’t worry; contact one of our experts, who will help you find the right wheelchair.

Below you will find our most popular wheelchairs.

Electric Wheelchair A3 – Foldable – Can be driven manually

Our most popular wheelchair, both electric and manual. Easy to use and foldable for easy transportation in the car. 360 degree steering, 22 inch wheels in the rear, strong electrical motors and much more. This electric wheelchair is suitable for most and can be used both outdoors and indoors.

5 out of 5
£869 Excluding VAT

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Foldable wheelchair made out of aluminium

The wheelchair is designed for people who have problems with unassisted moving and for patients with dysfunctions and reduced mobility. TThis self propelled wheelchair can also be pushed by an accompanying person. It is suitbale for indoor and outdoor use. The wheelchair is recommended to patients after amputations.

From: £309 Excluding VAT
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Foldable wheelchair with steel frame

The wheelchair is designed for people who have problems with unassisted moving and for patients with dysfunctions and reduced mobility. This self propelled wheelchair can also be pushed by an accompanying person. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

£209 Excluding VAT
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