Multifunctional elderly-care manikin for nurse training

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      This training doll is designed according to physiological characteristics of the eldery and specially adapted for nursing training.

      This model consists of an entire body representing an elderly person and a non-invasive blood pressure simulator. The product is combined for basic training of nurses and surgical care. Easy to disassemble, simple, proportionate structure and good durability. Parts can be disassembled for specific training and also operational training. Designed for simulation of realistic, physical features, realistic operation etc. Training for an improved elderly care.


      • Washing the face and hair
      • Rinse of eyes and ears
      • Drops in eyes and ears
      • Care of the oral cavity
      • Oral and nasal intubation
      • Tracheal incision
      • Suction of sputum
      • Inhalation of oxygen
      • Oral and nasal feeding
      • Gastric lavage
      • Observation of the anatomical structure of the vital signs of the thorax
      • Subcutaneous injection into the bilateral deltoids
      • Bilateral vastus lateral injection
      • Intramuscular injection into the buttocks
      • Liver, bone marrow, thoracic, abdominal and lumbar puncture (injecting 30 ml of the liquid into the vial before puncture)
      • Enema (inject 300 ml of fluid into the rectum before surgery)
      • Urethral Catheterization – Female (inject 300 ml of fluid into the bladder before surgery)
      • Yeyunostomy (inject 30 ml of fluid before surgery)
      • Colostomy (inject 30 ml of fluid before surgery)
      • Pressure ulcer care – Infection in sacral pressure ulcers
      • Contrast of benign and malignant tumor – Breast cancer
      • Irrigation of female bladder
      • Breast tumor contrast, benign and malignant (left side with normal breast, upper inner quadrant of right side with Masto fibromy, inner quadrant with breast cancer
      • Realistic articulations in the legs and arms – Detachable limbs
      • Can sit in a wheelchair
      • Non-invasive measurement of blood pressure


      • Clinical and operative practice of medical (AT) and nursing students
      • Practical and theoretical training of nursing staff
      • Basic health education


      • Multifunctional training doll for elderly care (interchangeable masculine and feminine reproduction system)
      • Pyjamas
      • 1 oxygen catheter, 1 nasogastric feeding probe, 1 feeding probe, 1 enema tube, 1 urethral catheter
      • Tracheal cannula
      • Adult respiratory tract
      • Part for intramuscular injection (delta muscle): 2 in training dummy + 2 in reserve
      • Pillow for intramuscular injection (gluteus maximus): 1 in training dummy + 1 in reserve
      • Pillow for intramuscular injection (middle gluteus): 1 in training dummy + 1 in reserve
      • Venous injection pad (forearm): 2 in training dummy + 2 in reserve
      • Venous injection pad (back of hand): 2 in training dummy + 2 in reserve
      • Pillow for subcutaneous injection (vastus lateralis): 2 in training dummy + 2 in reserve
      • Pressure ulcers (cross leg): 1 in the training doll + 3 different spare models
      • Blow – Drain bag
      • Drop support (37 x 18 x 18 cm)
      • infusion apparatus
      • 2 bags of infusion blood
      • Syringe – 50 ml
      • Syringe – 5 ml
      • Tourniquet in rubber
      • 2 drip clamps
      • Disposable towels
      • Blood pressure monitor for practice
      • Blood Pressure Indicator – Type: needle (with sleeve)
      • Power adapter 500mA / DC9V
      • Stethoscope
      • Country of manufacture: China
      • Instruction Manual

      Length: 170 cm
      Weight: 27 kg

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