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  • Modern examining table or treatment chair

    The examining table has a far reaching history and has been a prominent fixture at everything from field hospitals to emergency rooms and beauty salons. They are characterized by being very similar to a basic bed, often with a wall mount. Modern examining tables are often both comfortable and adjustable, and should not be confused with the more basic models.

    This also applies to treatment chairs, which have been greatly improved upon in recent years. Thanks to technical progress, it’s now possible to utilize practical chairs with hydraulic functions and modular constructions making them easy to adjust in accordance with individual needs.

    Stationary examining tables and transportable options

    We offer a great range of treatment chairs, examining tables and benches. You’ll find everything from advanced electrical models to basic stationary products. Whatever you choose depends entire upon the needs at hand. Where time consuming treatments are regular occurrences, ergonomic options are often a must and adjustable models are usually a wise choice.

    If quick examinations and the need to optimize whatever space is available are important factors, it’s usually a good idea to consider more simple stationary tables which are extremely easy to manage, dependable and cost effective. Even in the long run.

    Podiatry treatment and examination chairs

    Foot care, more formally known as podiatry or pedicure depending on the focus of the treatment, has become much more popular in recent. Not only have we collectively realized the importance of foot health, but we’ve also come to value aesthetic podiatry as much as nail and skin care.

    These treatments have very specific requirements as far as equipment goes. Having access to adjustable chairs and benches are often vital in order to make sure that the procedure is both comfortable and effective. That’s why we prioritize podiatry chairs that offer a lot of support and meet all professional requirements.

    Treatment chair skin care

    The term skin care natural comes with a lot of high expectations. It’s often not only about the actual result, but also about the experience itself. In order for the care recipient to feel comfortable, and confident in the treatment, it’s important to utilize reliable equipment.

    We offer both electrically and manually adjustable chairs and tables. This makes it possible to pick a product that’s just as cost efficient as it’s functional and reliable. No matter if you choose an advanced multifunctional model or a specific table with a facial hole, you can be sure if getting a product that will ensure long lasting usage.