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Barber chair – TREVOR

Hydraulic barber chair equipped with reclining backrest and rotating system. Equip your salon with a work of art. This is me, master Trevor, and I’m of Scottish origin. Weight: 65 kg Upholstery: PVC

£929 Excluding VAT
Delivery: 2-8 arbetsdagar

Ultrasonic Cleaner Acd-4830 Volume 3.0L 150W

Ultrasonic cleaner ADC-4830 for disinfecting cosmetic accessories, in particular microdermabrasion heads, cutters, etc., as well as dental and cosmetic tools. Washcloths are widely used and will only work in cosmetology or medicine. In addition to very high washing efficiency and reaching the most inaccessible details, washing with ultrasound does not cause absolutely any mechanical damage […]

£249 Excluding VAT
Delivery: 2-8 arbetsdagar

M6995 Magnetic Bike – HMS

The M6995 HMS magnetic bike is a fitness equipment that will be perfect for training at home. Riding a stationary bike is nothing more than cardio training, that is, endurance training aimed at improving the efficiency of the heart. You may be tempted to say that this form of training is one of the simplest […]

£539 Excluding VAT
Delivery: 2-8 arbetsdagar

Heine mini 3000 fiber-optics led otoscope rechargeable handle – black

MINI 3000 LED HQ OTOSCOPES – RECHARGEABLE HANDLE • FIBER OPTICS LED HQ • RECHARGEABLE HANDLE (Need Heine Mini 3000 NT charger code 31692) • Colour: Black • HEINE code: D-008.70.301 • Supplied in a box with 5 disposable speculum Ø 4 mm and 5 Ø 2.5 mm Powerful pocket otoscope in a unique compact […]

£439 Excluding VAT
Delivery: 2-8 arbetsdagar


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Government units

Swemed products are highly sought after, particularly by hospitals, local and county councils. Our buyers know they can trust us to deliver exceptional quality items, because each product has been hand-picked by our team of experts, and of course, at the very least, each item is CE-certified.

Private owned companies

Private health care clinics in increasing in popularity across the UK. We want to help by offering a service that you can trust to deliver exceptional quality goods. Our products are suitable for doctors’ surgeries, health centres and clinics, beauty salons and spas, also to businesses outside of the health care industry.


Many of our products are tailored for individual use, both in and out of the home. We provide aids and equipment, such as wheelchairs (manual, electric and stair climbers), shower chairs, geriatric beds, walkers and walking sticks, anti-decubitus mattresses and cusions, rehabilitation equipments and much more.

A wide range of hospital and clinic furnishings online!

Welcome to Our expertise is in the provision of exceptional quality furniture and equipment, adapted for health care. The products we provide are carefully selected from multiple manufacturers across Europe. We take pride in offering our customers assurance, that every item they purchase is certified in both quality and safety by today’s standards. Our goal is to facilitate the work of health care professionals, by having a wide, yet easily-navigated range of smart products, that are easy to use, clean and customise.

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