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Smartflow®-sensor hand dryer

The economic line of Smartflow® hand dryers is one of

the most compact in the market, designed for locations

that because of their size require small sized

washroom accessories that meet two requirements:

low consumption and optimum hand drying.

From: £149 Excluding VAT Delivery: 10-12 working days

Optima – Hand dryer with sensor

Optima auto hand dryers from Mediclinics are a suitable solution for those looking for an auto hand dryer with an optimum performance at a very competitive price. These models are ideal to be installed in washrooms with an average traffic of people like for example, restaurants, theatres, offices, etc.

From: £199 Excluding VAT Delivery: 10-12 working days

Machflow® – Hand dryer with button

The line of Machflow® hand dryers provides important energy savings and an ultra-fast drying. Solutions with an avant-garde design and with four different finishes so that the dryers can easily blend in with the decoration.

From: £329 Excluding VAT Delivery: 10-12 working days

Mediflow® – Hand dryer with button

Mediflow® Basic hand dryers automatically operated are characterized by their power and ruggedness. They are manufactured according to the highest quality and safety standards using, as for example, safety thermal limiters (in the heating element and in the motor).

From: £299 Excluding VAT Delivery: 10-12 working days

Juniorplus – Hand dryer

Mediclinics Junior Plus® push-button operated hand dryers have been designed for those washroom environments that require an excellent value for money. Equipped with a one piece ABS

resistant cover and with a modern design these hand dryers are suitable for medium/small washrooms.

From: £179 Excluding VAT Delivery: 10-12 working days

Prima® – Hand dryer with button

Mediclinics Prima® hand dryers are thought to have a perfect balance between performances and power consumption. They are equipped with an attractive white melamine one-piece cover, which offers resistance against fire, cigarette burns, water, sunlight and organic detergents.

£189 Excluding VAT Delivery: 10-12 working days

Bladeflow 2 Hand Dryer Stainless Steel White (With Brushes)

Product descriptionHands-in hand dryerAutomatic sensor operatedUniversal motor with brushesAISI 304 stainless-steel body with a thickness of 1 mmFinish: WhiteEfficient dryer: minimum consumption/drying < 15 s.Outstanding robustness, Heavy duty3-year warranty Technical specificationsThe Hands-in hand dryer consists of a compact body of 1 mm thick AISI 304 stainless steel that is mounted against the wall on a […]

£1 089 Excluding VAT Delivery: 14-20 working days

Speedflow® – Intelligent hand dryer with sensor

The Speedflow® line of hand dryers is categorized within the eco-fast range of product but with the added value of complying with the requirements of ADAAG for accessibility of public washrooms. This regulation requires that the depth of the dryer cannot exceed 100 mm to facilitate access and movement of handicapped persons about the washroom.

From: £359 Excluding VAT Delivery: 10-12 working days