Mio Vein – TENS / Electrotherapy – For venous problems

Mio Vein is the new 2 channels device able to stimulate calf muscles and helps the correct venous circulation. It is particularly suggested for people suffering from venous diseases and also in all situations that represent potentially risk factors for venous problems.

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      • Combined electrotherapy unit with 2 independent channels
      • FES preadjusted program
      • 60 mA maximum intensity
      • Width impulse 30-240 ?s
      • Backlight display
      • Easy to use digital keyboard
      • On-line guide on display for fast instructions
      • Operating with internal rechargeable battery
      • CE0476 medical device
      • FES Electrotherapy with graphic display
      • 2 connection cables
      • 4 pre-gelled oval electrodes
      • Internal Ni-Mh rechargeable battery pack with new LL technology (long lasting)
      • Charger
      • Belt clip
      • User manual
      • Carriage bag


      Venous stasis refers to loss of proper function of the veins that would normally carry blood back toward the heart.
      The reason for this is that humans are upright individuals. The prolonged standing and the gravity pull make difficult venous return. It’s only venous tone and calf muscle strength that enable blood flow back to the heart and avoid flux inversion.
      This action can be compared to a sponge that is squeezed during human walking and it works as a pump that moves up (back to the heart) blood flow.

      Venous return is encouraged by walking thanks  to muscle pump action that moves up (back to the heart) blood flow. This happens in normal conditions when veins have health valves and walls.

      As  veins walls slacken and valves don’t work correctly, blood flow go slow and stop (venous stasis). This condition can provoke venous circulation inversion.

      Symptoms include a sense of heaviness, aching, night cramps, pain, tiredness, and paresthesias in the legs; these symptoms worsen with standing or walking and are relieved by rest and elevation.

      One of the most common treatments for venous stasis is the use of compressive stockings. But compressive stocking is not enough: aching, muscle stress, tingling can occur after compressive stocking use. Mio-Vein represents an important support to compressive stocking therapy and finally to venous stasis treatment.

      MIO VEIN stimulates calf muscle pump that promotes the compression of superficial and deep veins. As a consequence blood reaches easily the heart.

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